Take Charge of Your Health

The program is offered by Templo Laramie as a service to the community in coordination with Age Options.

Topics: problem solving around your heath condition, coping with fatigue, frustration, and isolation related to ongoing health conditions, medical management, exercising to maintain and improve strength and flexibility, practicing good nutrition, evaluating new treatment options, communicating with family, friends and health professionals, setting goals to improve your own health and life.

You may register on the first day.

You can stop by Templo Laramie or call 708-222- 0177 to register. You can register with Age Options 773-807-0046. You need to specify that want to attend the Workshop at Templo Laramie.
We are also looking for a Kettle Campaign Coordinator. Requirements:

1. minimum age: 21 years
2. bilingual English/Spanish
3. availability to work until 8;00 pm
4. good organizational and leadership skills
5, skills to work as a team member

Training will be provided.

The workshop continues until October 20th. New registrations are accepted every Thursday.

You can contact Captain Pagan for an interview @ 780-222-0177.

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